Princeton is happy to announce its sponsorship of the forthcoming DCOI USA-Israel Cybersecurity Summit in Washington D.C. on May 18-19, 2016. DCOI 2016 is offered by the state of Israel and the Institute for National Security Studies of Tel-Aviv University, with the goal of enhancing collaboration between the United-States and Israel in cybersecurity. The summit is supported by Israel state agencies, alongside companies and corporation across the United-States and Israel. The DCOI 2016 list of speakers and participants includes some of the best minds in the field of national security, including US General David Petraeus, former US National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counterterrorism Richard A. Clarke, and Dr. Col. Gabi Siboni of the IDF.
Infrastructure owners in the United States are facing a “perfect storm” of threats: networks inadequately protected against cybersecurity intrusions, inadequate and uncertain insurance coverage for cybersecurity losses, and growing vulnerability to third part liability. In addition, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation is promulgating new regulations for critical infrastructure (the NERC CIP v5), which infrastructure owners must adopt this year. Israel’s deep expertise and hard-won experience dealing with cybersecurity threats is particularly valuable to American companies seeking to protect their networks. In recognition of this, Governor Brown of California and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel signed an MoU in March 2014 to advance cooperation in the areas of cybersecurity, climate change, and water resource management.
Princeton’s provides strategic advice to innovative Israeli technology companies in the cybersecurity, renewable energy, water management, infrastructure, and other sectors.  Princeton works with Israeli cybersecurity firms such as G.Bina, RADiFlow, and CyberX.

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