What We Do

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT. Princeton Energy Group develops renewable energy and energy efficiency projects around the world. We bring 25 years of experience in project development, finance, and marketing to our projects, optimizing for best financial performance. We often work in partnership with other companies and with public agencies, taking advantage of complementary strengths.

TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT. Princeton Energy Group has pioneered numerous technological innovations in renewable energy and other sectors, deploying them into specific projects or starting up and spinning off technology companies.

STRATEGIC ADVISORY SERVICES. Princeton assists innovative companies, both large and small, from around the world in expanding their global reach. We enable our clients to advance technologically, access global markets, and build enterprise value.

INFORMATION SERVICES TO THE CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRIES. Princeton is working with its partners to provide a broad range of information services to the construction and infrastructure industries.

ENERGY & RESOURCE POLICY. Princeton principals have been deeply involved in policy-making in the areas of energy, water, and environmental protection. We have served in public offices, started up and spun off non-profit entities dedicated to environmental work, and spoken before numerous industry, professional, and educational groups.