Michael Folloni

MICHAEL E. FOLLONIMike Folloni Project Manager Princeton Energy Group
Project Manager

Mike Folloni has over 30 years of exceptional community service and ‘for profit’ business management experience in the United States and Latin America. As the Founder and President of Light Energy Corporation and Pan American Lighting, he was a pioneer in introducing a wide range of effective energy saving products and services into the commercial and industrial sectors. His efforts created a number of ongoing successful energy conservation businesses and community development projects in the United States, Mexico, Guam, and Guatemala, saving 100s of MWs. As the in-country liaison, Mr. Folloni’s vision, persistence, networking, and relationship-building efforts were key in completing the 67.5 MW wind La Mata wind park in Oaxaca that provides electricity to the Grupo Wal-Mart stores in central México.

Since his teens, Mr. Folloni has been a “Big Brother” for inner city youth and directed outreach and community programs for youth of low-income families. At Harvard, he was the recipient of the Ames Award for ‘Character and Leadership’. Mr. Folloni was community outreach representative for a Legal Services project for Migrant Farmworkers in Pennsylvania. The project won recognition from the AFSC in a congressional commissioned study of migrant farmworker services. He also served on the Executive Board of Directors of the American Freedom From Hunger Foundation and the U.S. Committee on Refugees.

Mr. Folloni graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University.

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